A Musical Story

There are many people who have gone to great lengths to avoid opera because they believe it is nothing more than a group of songs in a foreign language. They often fail to understand that an opera is a musical story with characters and acting that is the same as any other type of musical or play, but it does have its own elements. Tragedy is often the theme for many operas due to its high emotional content, but there are many stories told in ballet, popular theater and even movies that use the same outlook to hook audiences.

For those attending their first opera, the language it will be presented is often not important. The goal of the performers is to project the content of the story through the emotional element of the music they are presenting, and those who pay attention will be able to feel the emotions as they observe the action of the story. Like a ballet, the characters act within the music to get their story across.

While many of the more important and classic operas deal with tragedy, there are comedic operas that have a light and fun feeling. The emotional content is not quite as draining, and the experience can be one that is uplifting as the evening progresses. Those who have fought to avoid this genre of musical entertainment are often pleasantly surprised as the final curtain falls, and they may even consider attending a few more with their favorite opera buff.

Attending a formal opera event might not seem like a fun night, but it can be if the opera is a comedy. For those invited to be present, taking the time to look up the basic story behind the entertainment can help them over the language barrier, and paying attention to the visual and emotional elements can help them understand even the most classical opera in town.